Profile image and forumposts won't show on wall

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 Thu Jun 24, 2021 6:29 pm • via Web

I've purchased this extension, and it seems to have some issues. There is a problem with the profile image though. I've uploaded an image, I can see it in my UCP, but on the wall there's nothing. I'm using phpbb 3.3.2. Any way to fix this?

The forumposts I've made are not being added tot the wall, is this an option that I have to activate?

Also I would like to change the colour of the mentions. This is set to #0080BF. Which file do I need to edit to change the colour?

When I post something on my wall I can only see the first smiley. the rest is just empty aquare boxes.

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 Fri Jun 25, 2021 5:11 am • via Web
Can you share screenshots?

What style are you using?

Also, can you download any of the styles here store/?c=styles-phpbb to test?

May be issues with your style. I use this application with no such issues.

Could also be incompatibility with some other extensions

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Thanks for your quick reply.

I'm using Flat-style and I have installed the style pack from your website. I've also tried the style modernity, it doesn't change anything. After that I've disabled almost all the other extensions, but still no luck. Smilies is fixed already.

Also he whole chronology is missing, with topics and posts. It seems to conflict with any header or banner extension. Is there a way to use both?

Profile image visible in UCP
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No profile image on wall
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