[cBB Chat 1.1.0] Doubled jQuery, missing .js files

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[cBB Chat 1.1.0] Doubled jQuery, missing .js files

Postby P.J.Trewor » Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:35 pm • via Web
Hi, I discoverd some problems with cBB chat.

1) in prosilver theme there is jQuery included by default, there is no need to include it by the chat (now jQuery is loaded twice).

2) in ADM on Main configuration page, my browser reports some 404 errors:

3) it also seems that chat ignores the rule "Can ignore flood limit". I have this rule set to Yes, but I still have to wait until flood limit expires when I write message.

Thank you for good work anyway.
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Re: [cBB Chat 1.1.0] Doubled jQuery, missing .js files

Postby IvanPF » Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:44 pm • via Web

The first error, is not an error. In phpBB 3.1.3 is an event after the jquery included file but, in the first version of 3.1, this event no exists so, was impossible to use the jquery included by default.
The next version of the chat will not be compatible with the first version of phpBB 3.1 because it is obsolete, therefore, that defect will be corrected.

I review the other errors and solve it as soon as possible.

Thanks for report!.

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