[cBB Follower v2.0.0] @Mention does not work on IPhone (IOS)

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[cBB Follower v2.0.0] @Mention does not work on IPhone (IOS)

Postby Hd321kbps » Mon Jun 22, 2020 8:14 am • via Web
@Mention does not work on IPhone (IOS)

By clicking on the selected user in the drop-down menu, the user does not insert (bb-code [mention])

The insert is done by the jfollower.min.js script.
Maybe there is some quick temporary solution.
Or at least a tip, why does it work differently on iOS?

So, I would also like to participate in the development and testing of your extensions.
Program for testers and translators.
I will provide translations for Russian language.
Already once laid out the translation on your mod cBB Blog 1.0.1
There is experience in web programming and creating translations for extensions.
https://www.phpbbguru.net/community/vie ... 2&start=50

I would also like to receive a discount for the purchase of all 7 extensions.

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