[cBB Chat v1.1.1] Show online chat users in menubar

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ich habe nach Anweisung copy & paste reinkopiert...

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add before 'SITENAME' => $config['sitename'],

In welcher Datei muss ich dafür suchen? - ist in functions.php nicht vorhanden...

Nachtrag: Gefunden! Ist wegen der Leerzeichen nicht in der Suche aufgetaucht.
'SITENAME' => $config['sitename'],
Allerdings kommt nach der Änderung in der session.php nur noch eine weisse Seite...
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Let's go on writing in English, it helps others more.

To get adequate help you have to be much more precise. Which phpbb version do you use, which cBB version and to which of the posts do you refer?

I did not edit sessions.php because it was not necessary for my case.

What exactly did you write in your functions.php? Post exactly the section including the variable you want to output as code here.

At the end you have to put this in the appropriate place in the overall_whatever of your design.

Basically, this is not magic like it was solved. You query a table and return the content. In the phpbb case you match the user ID with the usernames.
This is not solved nicely, quite quick and dirtyyy but it works

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Hello again

I used the "how to" of Mightymax (viewtopic.php?t=925&lang=en)
The Board is phpbb3.2.7
CBB version is 1.1.3
php 7.2.18
hmm, what more?


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