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Forum Rules

Postby IvanPF » Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:23 pm • via Web
To maintain proper function of this forum and a good quality of service, users need to read and meet a set of "rules" before you make your query in this forum.

  1. When asking for help, we need to indicate us a minimum data.
    • The address of your website or forum.
    • Base version of the application (if applicable), for example, if it's a forum, the phpBB version in use.
    • Template/style used (if applicable).
    • Mods/extra applications installed.
    • Server. Specifying whether it is free or paid and knowing the type of server (Unix, Windows, Apache, Lighttpd with, etc. ..).
    • Specify the problem as specifically as possible. Copying and pasting the exact error if applicable.
  2. You are not allowed to advertise (spam) from your website. Such messages will be deleted directly.
  3. The title of the message should contain a brief description of the problem in question.
    This will speed up the possible answer.
  4. Don't use capital letters or colors that would make the vision of the message..

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