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phpBB: 3.2.x, 3.3.x
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Complete Follower of Users for phpBB forums.
It is an extension based on the idea promoted by Twitter regarding the mention and monitoring of user activity but focused on the environment of a forum, adding a new feature that encourages the participation of users in it.

Each user has their own profile, where all their activity is in the forum.
Users have their own wall to make comments in the style of Twitter.
Allows you to follow other users to stay up to date on their activity in the forum.
Allows you to mention other users both in the comments and in the forum messages.
Allows users to share the content of other walls in theirs.
Users can rate the comments or messages of users with "Like".
Users can create hashtags and search based on them.
It has a search engine for comments and users.
Generates a list of Trends based on hashtags created by users.
Compatibility with dark styles.
Responsive style for compatibility with all devices.
Includes own events for compatibility with other extensions.
Includes the English and Spanish languages.


  1. Fixed small bugs.
  2. Code improvements.