Documentation :: cBB Debugger

Quick Guide • Requirements

cBB Debugger needs very few requirements to run correctly.

The basic requirements are:
  1. A phpBB forum whose version is equal or greater than 3.2.0.
  2. The hosting where the forum is hosted must allow the use of the ini_set function.

Quick Guide • Install

  1. Unzip the cBB Debugger file to a local directory (on your computer).
  2. Upload all the files contained in the upload folder of that file (maintaining the directory structure) to the ext directory located in the root directory of your forum.
    The final route for the extension files should be: /ext/canidev/debugger/
  3. Using your web browser, navigate to Admin Panel >> Personalize >> Extensions
  4. Find cBB Debugger and click on the Enable option.

Quick Guide • Alternative install

In case of not being able to access the Administration Panel, this extension can be enabled in an alternative way.

To run the installation, you must access the following path (relative to your forum) with your browser: /ext/canidev/debugger/tunnel/enable.php
For example, if your forum is on, the url would be the following:

If neither installation method works, you can enable "low-level" debugging by doing an edit to a phpBB file.
  1. Open the common.php file located in the main folder of your forum.
  2. Find: // Set up container
  3. Add before: // Debugger
    require($phpbb_root_path . 'ext/canidev/debugger/tunnel/basic.' . $phpEx);
* This option should be used only temporarily, until the extension can be fully enabled.

Quick Guide • Uninstall

cBB Debugger can be uninstalled in a few steps:

  1. Using your web browser, navigate to Admin Panel >> Personalize >> Extensions.
  2. Find cBB Debugger and click on the Disable option.
  3. Once disabled, if you want to completely delete it, click on Delete Data and then delete the directory /ext/canidev/debugger from your server.

Quick Guide • Configure extension

The configuration options for this extension are found in Administration Panel >> System >> Debugging.