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cBB Chat

2.00 €
GPL (General Public License)
phpBB >= 3.2.0
197.42 KB (563.32 KB uncompressed)
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Complete multiroom chat for phpBB 3.2.x forums.

Private messaging between two users or a group of users.
Possibility for users to define their status (online, away, busy, hidden).
Full control to the administrators and moderators to manage the messages and users that participate in the chat.
Have many options managed from the ACP to adapt the chat to your needs.
The chat can be put in each page of the forum (custom pages and pages crreated with other extensions included).
With "embed" mode. The chat can be put in external pages by using an <object> code.
It allows to decide if the guests can appear with random names or, conversely, they must decide their name when connecting (useful if there are many guests chatting).
The chat sounds are conventional mp3 files so, it can be changed easily.
Compatibility with dark styles.
Responsive layout for compatibility with all devices.
Includes own events for compatibility with other extensions.
Includes the English and Spanish languages.


  1. Fixed small bugs reported by users.
  2. Added option to save private messages for a period of time.
  3. Real-time update of actions such as delete and move.
  4. A link to the chat page has been included in the title and the minimize option has been added.
  5. From now on, all groups of a user are taken into account, instead of just the default group.
  6. Now you can access the full image from your mobile, by clicking on it.
  7. New option to link rooms to specific forums/groups.
  8. Added logs to the move and delete actions.
  9. Removed flash player.
  10. Better compatibility with styles.

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