• It allows to display a short version of large quotes in forum posts and expand their content.
  • cBB Blockgets addon for compatibility with cBB Chat
  • It allows users to select fragments of several messages, save them and then use them to post a message.
  • cBB QuickMod AddOn for compatibility with BBEmoji Extension
  • Moderate the topics directly from forums or search results in your phpBB site
  • Plugin for compatibility with ABBC3 Extension
  • Full user follower, like twitter, for you phpBB3 forum
  • Complete multiroom chat for your phpBB forum
  • Simple style, with a modern twist for phpBB forums
  • cBB Blockgets addon for compatibility with Paypal Donation Extension
  • Complete application that allow you to add a portal, calendar, custom pages and infinite blocks (widgets) to a phpBB Forum
  • Allows administrators to specify words or phrases that will be modified or removed in all forum content.
  • cBB QuickQuote AddOn for compatibility with QuickEdit Extension
  • cBB Chat AddOn for compatibility with BBsidebar Extension