Documentation :: cBB Chat v1.1.0

Quick Guide • Requirements

cBB Chat needs very few requirements to run correctly.

The basic requirements are:
  1. A phpBB forum whose version is equal or greater than 3.1.1 (3.1.2 is recommended).
  2. The explorer must be support Javascript to use and manage the mod.

Quick Guide • Install

If you already have basic knowledge of FTP and are sure that your system will run smoothly cBB Chat, just follow these simple steps to install it.

  1. Unzip the cBB Chat zip file in a local folder on your computer.
  2. Upload all files contained in the upload directory in that file (keeping the directory structure) to the ext directory in the root of your forum.
  3. Using your web browser, navigate to the Administration Panel and go to Customize >> Extensions
  4. Find cBB Chat and click in the Enable option.
  5. When the extension is enabled, go to ACP >> General and click in Clear cache.

If you experienced problems or do not know how to proceed with any of the steps above, you can put your problem in the correct section of this web forum, where it will help as we can.

Quick Guide • Uninstall

cBB Chat can be uninstalled in a few steps:

  1. Using your web browser visit the location you placed phpBB3 adding /chat/install/,
  2. Click on the "Uninstall" option and follow the steps and fill out all the requested information.
  3. When finished, You have to edit the phpBB files following the steps of "install.xml" file, but in reverse, to remove the mod code. This is not essential, the forum works well even if you don't delete the mod codes.
  4. Using your web browser, visit the Administration Panel and go to Customise >> Manage Extensions
  5. Find cBB Chat and click in the Disable option.
  6. When the extension is disabled, if you want to delete completly, click in Delete data and remove the directory /ext/canidev/chat from your server.

Tricks • Multiline texts

By default, on press the "Enter" key, the chat sends the chat message.
You can write multiline texts by using the Key Combination Ctrl + Enter. This produces a line break in the message.

Tricks • Automatic list creation

The chat editor can be convert many lines in a shorted or numeric list automatically.
To use this function you must select the lines to convert and do click in the List or Numeric List BBcode.

For example:
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Will be converted to: [list]
[*]Line 1
[*]Line 2
[*]Line 3