Documentation :: cBB AutoWords v1.0.0

Quick Guide • Requirements

cBB AutoWords needs very few requirements to run correctly.

The basic requirements are:
  1. A phpBB forum whose version is equal or greater than 3.2.0.
  2. The browser must support Javascript in order to use and manage the extension.

Quick Guide • Install

  1. Unzip the cBB AutoWords file to a local directory (on your computer).
  2. Upload all the files contained in the upload folder of that file (maintaining the directory structure) to the ext directory located in the root directory of your forum.
    The final route for the extension files should be: /ext/canidev/autowords/
  3. Using your web browser, navigate to Admin Panel >> Personalize >> Extensions
  4. Find cBB AutoWords and click on the Enable option.

Quick Guide • Uninstall

cBB AutoWords can be uninstalled in a few steps:

  1. Using your web browser, navigate to Admin Panel >> Personalize >> Extensions.
  2. Find cBB AutoWords and click on the Disable option.
  3. Once disabled, if you want to completely delete it, click on Delete Data and then delete the directory /ext/canidev/autowords from your server.

Quick Guide • Extension operation

From the PCA you can define the words that will be substituted.
These words are replaced when viewing the content, they are not permanently modified in the database.

The available options are:
  1. Delete: Remove the word or phrase from all forum content.
  2. Personalize: Define what changes will be made to the specified text.
    Only fields that are not blank will be considered.

    The available changes are:
    1. Modify text: Substitute the word or phrase for what is specified here.
    2. Link to Web: Converts the word or phrase to a link to the specified url (This is discarded if the word is already inside a link).
    3. Style: Lets you choose the color and style of the word or phrase.
    4. Floating box content: Specifies the text to display as additional information. The floating box will appear when the mouse is over the text.