Program for testers and translators

This program has been designed for anyone who wants to collaborate in the development of the applications of this Web. There are two ways to collaborate:
  1. As a tester: The people in this group will test the applications before they are available, to detect possible failures or any other problem.
  2. As a translator: It consists of improving applications, providing translations in different languages.

What is necessary to belong to the group of collaborators?

The only requirement is to collaborate actively in all the applications that are developed.
In case they do not exercise these functions, the user will be excluded from the group.

What benefits do I get from belonging to the group of collaborators?

  1. Browse this website without viewing the advertising blocks.
  2. A 30% discount on the purchase on any application of the web (whose price is more than 3€).

What do I have to do to be part of the group?

For this you only need to contact us by any of the following means:
  1. Contact form of the web
  2. Email to administrator
  3. Twitter