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jQuery - Avoid conflicts with other libraries

Published by IvanPF el 25 April, 2013

We are often encounter the problem of incompatibility between javascript libraries at create our website.

jQuery developers have thought of this and therefore have included in your library the noConflict() function to help us to solve the incompatibility of jQuery with other libraries or even with... Read more

Adapt cBB Blockgets to a forum pages

Published by IvanPF el 25 April, 2013

Usually, to adapt cBB Blockgets to a forum page, you only need to make changes as indicated in the Online Guide.

But there are exceptions such as the User Control Panel (UCP) and the Moderation Panel (MCP).
To include cBB Blockgets in these pages is necessary to perform more changes than usual and ... Read more

Connect two pages with javascript

Published by IvanPF el 11 April, 2013

In this tutorial we explain you how connect a popup with the main page of the site.
Is a simple process, you must be use the function to open the popup. In the popup, yo must use the javascript opener object to apply change in the main window.

... Read more