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cBB QuickMod v1.1.0

GPL (General Public License)
Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:58 pm
phpBB >= 3.1.3
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Installation time:
~ 1 minutes
89 times
User valoration:
5 / 5 (7 votes)

cBB QuickMod is an add-on for phpBB forums that includes moderation options within forums and search pages, offering a great comfort to the moderators of the forums and avoiding the need to use the Moderation Panel to perform the most common operations.

Some of its features are:
  1. The moderation options included are: Rename, Move, Change topic type, Close, etc ...
  2. Quick actions can be configured from the ACP.
  3. Quick actions can be displayed as icons or as a context menu.
  4. Compatible with phpBB 3.1.x and phpBB 3.2.x.
  5. Compatible with php 7.1
  6. Style responsive for compatibility with all devices.
  7. Includes own events for compatibility with other extensions.
  8. Includes English and Spanish languages.

acp.png   dialog-date.png   dialog-delete.png   dialog-icons.png   dialog-move.png   dialog-poster.png   full-actions.png   icons.png   mobile-menu.png   mobile-selection.png   preview.png   rename.png  

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