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cBB Blog v1.0.1

GPL (General Public License)
Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:00 am
phpBB 3.0.11
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Installation time:
~ 5 minutes
2895 times
User valoration:
5 / 5 (7 votes)

cBB Blog is a complete complement for phpBB3 forums. Allows to have a blog using the same users and style than the forum. In this way, the blog used few space in the disk and needs few requirements from the server.

Among its qualities include:
  1. Great flexibility to writing and editing entries. This is achieved with technologies like jQuery.
  2. It offers many customization options that can be adapted to all needs.
  3. You can choose to use BBcode or HTML in entries.
  4. It has a commenting system itself, thanks to the use of Ajax, is fast and easy to use.
  5. Two levels category system (Parent >> Child).
  6. Possibility of including widgets on the right side of the page.
    Search, Category list, Archive list, Feeds, Recent entries, Recent comments, More used tags.
  7. The blog can be used from an independent subdomain.
  8. Allows entries tag.
  9. Includes a search by keywords, tags or author.
  10. Includes friendly URLs (SEO).
  11. Allows to import entries and posts between the forum and the blog directly.
  12. It has an automatic system to import entries from external RSS sources.
  13. Includes the ability to display the buttons of the most popular social networks in the entries.
  14. It has a Moderator Control Panel itself for entries and comments.
  15. Compatible with phpBB 3.0.8, 3.0.9, 3.0.10 and 3.0.11.
  16. Very easy to implement in the forum with its installer-friendly as it is only necessary to make small changes in phpBB3 files.
  17. Includes the neccessary editions for proSilver and subSilver2 styles.
  18. Includes the English and Spanish languages.
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